About the teacher

Isabel Medley

teaching pilates Isabel first came across Pilates whilst a student at the London School of Contemporary Dance in the early 70’s where Alan Herdman was her first teacher. Having completed teacher training in various dance techniques, she became a professional dancer. Over a period of twenty years, she danced in theatre productions in Europe, and in London has taught various dance techniques to children and adults. Isabel also expanded her teaching repertoire to include fitness training specialising in classes for seniors.

Most recently Isabel trained at Pilates International and has been working with studio equipment for three years, running her own studio for sixteen months, as well as teaching mat classes.

Along with performing and teaching, Isabel studied Yoga and T’ai Chi Chuan as a way of keeping a healthy balance to the rigours of dance. Her interest in energy healing work has evolved as a natural development over the last decade and she qualified firstly in Swedish Massage and then Sports Injury Massage Therapy. Four years ago she qualified in the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage.
Alongside these specialisations Isabel has developed an understanding of the crucial role of nutrition and supplementation.

Isabel is passionate about the value of focused physical activities, nourishment and nurturing of our physical selves which reflects on our whole psyche.