Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Thi massageThis technique is an ancient form of treatment with a long history of therapeutic healing. It can be regarded as a completely holistic massage.
It is based on the stimulation of the ten main, invisible, energy lines which run through the body. The same principles that apply to other oriental healing, for example; Shiatsu.
As well as working on the physical and energetic body, Thai massage frequently touches the emotion and subconscious levels facilitating release.
The idea is that the most perfect balancing is achieved by stretching the energy lines and working along them individually releasing any blockages.

Treatments are given with the patient fully, and comfortably, clothed on a futon on the floor. The massage also includes several yoga based stretches which help to release tension in the joints as well as toning the muscles.

The benefits are many……
From the physical release of tension to a deep sense of relaxation, wellbeing and renewed energy.